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Can you escape?

Welcome to Southern California's Premier Escape Room Attraction

Welcome to Escape the Place CA. ​

Escape rooms offer the newest experience in entertainment and team building where we put you in a real-life scenario, lock the door, and challenge you and your team to solve our clues and puzzles to ESCAPE THE PLACE CA in 60 minutes. Our rooms accommodate parties from 2-38 people. We are not “scary” and all our rooms are kid friendly and not claustrophobic.

Each of our four cleverly designed “places” promise you a unique and escape experience. We have rooms that challenge all levels of players from beginners to expert and offer all a fun and entertaining way to test your thinking and puzzle solving skills.

All room bookings are PRIVATE.

60 minutes is all you will have to unlock the mystery and escape our cleverly designed "places." ​

We promise that you will have an experience unlike anything you have tried before. Even if you are familiar with other escape rooms... ours will be different!



01Corporate Team Building 01

Logical problems and puzzles. No physical effort. Only wit and observation. Working as a team in all of our rooms is the key to your escape.


Use your one hour wisely to find your way out of our fun and interesting rooms. Let “sibling rivalry” rise to a new level in our competition room set up in Chamber.

03Parties and Celebrations 03

Celebrate any occasion in a unique new way with any of our Escape places. It will be a memory you won't forget.

04Visitors & Vacationers

Escape Rooms are seen all over the world today. We are proud to welcome newcomers, visitors and vacationers to our entertaining and challenging Escape Places. Please check us out on both Yelp and Tripadvisor for the latest word about Escape The Place CA.


Our Rooms

Modern art museum

As the nation’s top bomb experts and encryption specialists, you have been assembled for what may be your most dangerous, and possibly last, mission... to deactivate a very powerful nuclear device created by one of the world’s most brilliant and notorious villains, The Jester.

Great for fun and team building with your entire party in one challenging room experience.

Base Price (1-6 Players): $198/room
Minimum Players 6 — Max Players 12
7-10 players: $32 per player
8-12 players: $30 per player
Difficulty StarStarStarStarStar

Average Success Rate: 39%

Modern art museum

As you and your work crew are making the last sweep of a massive abandoned building before it is demolished, you realize that one of your crew members is missing and you must go back into the structure to find him before the building is blown up within 1 hour. As you continue your search, you enter a room which you had not seen before and the door locks behind you.

We have two identical rooms that can be booked independently with up to 6 players or together to play in competition mode up to 6 in each room. See which team can get out first.

Minimum Players 2 — Maximum Players 12
Price: $32 per person
Difficulty StarStarStarStarStar

Average Success Rate: 33%

Modern art museum

You and your fellow spies have been captured by the CIA and transported to a Black Site for interrogation. While undergoing intense interrogations an opportunity to escape has presented itself. Will you be able to escape in time?

This room requires you to start out having one hand restrained. Participants WORK TOGETHER but in TWO different rooms to solve this escape experience. This is our most challenging room and is the ultimate TEAM BUILDING experience as if you fail to work together, your escape will be impossible!!

Minimum Players 4 — Maximum Players 8
Price: $32 per person
Difficulty StarStarStarStarStar

Average Success Rate: 28%

Modern art museum

You and your friends partied a little too hard and ended up in a hotel room. Waking the next morning with a horrible HANGOVER, you realize that your crazy friend Sara has left and hidden the key. Piece together the events of last night to find the key to escape.

Great for fun and team building with your entire party in one challenging room experience.

Minimum Players 4 — Maximum Players 6
Price: $32 per person
Difficulty StarStarStarStarStar

Average Success Rate: 21%

Modern art museum

MURDER....on the day of the dead. Cheryl Lynn was murdered the morning of the day of the dead and her spirit is trapped in the funeral parlor. Fashioned after the game of clue, find how she died, where and who orchestrated her death to free her spirit before the day is done and escape the room.

Min 2 players - Max 6 players.
Must be alive to play.
Price: $32 per person

Average Success Rate: To Be Determined by the Spirits.


What players say:

This was so much fun for all of our ages (ranging from 18 to 50+).

Each family was in a different chamber and we had to beat the clock, as well as each other to escape.

- Robyn, November 2015


What players say:

Our kids are still talking about it!

We took our 30-something sons and their wives for a family activity and had a blast! Would highly recommend the room TIMEBOMB, where you have one hour to save the world!

- Peg, September 2016


What players say:

We had a blast!

We took the office staff to do Blacksite. It was a first-time experience for everyone so we didn't know what to expect. The whole experience was very engaging and real. We're heading back to do another scenario for our holiday party.

- Nate, 2015


What players say:

Had a great time!

Unfortunately the "Hangover" got the best of us and we did not escape. Great place to see how you and your friends or even co-workers work together.

- JWT, November 2015

Award Winning Escapes

Escape The Place CA wins 2017's Best Escape The Room
Orange County & Norm Reeves Awards Escape The Place
Full story: http://normreevesvw.com/

Escape The Place CA wins 2015's Golden Lock-In Award
65 escape rooms played -- Only 10 Winners Chosen!
Full story: https://roomescapeartist.com/2016/...

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