What makes our escape rooms different?

*ONE OF THE LARGEST ESCAPE ROOMS in Orange County, with 5 different escape rooms, we are able to accommodate up to 44 players in one hour.  We have had corporate guests bring up to 80 for a teambuilding event. How can we do this? We do this by offering catering for half the group in the first hour while the other half plays our rooms. We then reset quickly and the groups switch. We have two party rooms where your group can relax and enjoy refreshments.

*ALL OUR ROOMS ARE PRIVATE….unlike other escape rooms, we don’t make our guests play with other guests. It doesn’t matter if you are two or a group of 12, we want you to have the best experience possible with us.

*FIVE ROOMS….VARIOUS TYPES OF PLAY…We have something for everyone. Our 5 rooms are all differently played. Play our Chamber Rooms in “competition mode” as your group splits in two to compete to be the team that gets out first. The Chamber is our most popular room and listed recently in Orange Coast Magazine as one of the top escape rooms in Orange County. Black Site is also quite unique as your team is split again in two rooms, only this time, you must work together for all guests to successfully escape. Clues in one room are needed in the other. How can this be possible?

Not sure which room is best for you, come take a tour of our rooms, or simply call us and we will help you decide depending on the size of your party, escape room experience/expertise and how your team would like to play.

What makes Escape The Place CA the perfect place for teambuilding for corporate events, sports teams or any kind of group event?

What does Teambuiding Offer:

*BREAK THE ICE…NO uncomfortable small talk at Escape The Place CA. Our rooms are all challenging, take focus and determination to escape and above all, require our teams to work together.  No one does an escape room alone.  This is a great way to get to know your other team mates, coworkers and friends.

*SWITCH UP THE ENERGY…Has your group been a little down lately? Did your team lose the championship? Did you barely meet project deadlines by an inch of your life? Come have some fun. Laugh. Enjoy each other. Do something totally different that lets your mind escape for an hour.

*FIND YOUR LEADERS…We sometimes have corporate managers bring in their department to see how people do (or don’t) work together. Who has the best communication skills? Who has the best analytical skills? Who helps others the most?  And, who sits back and watches it all happen? Get to know your employees, your team mates and your friends all while having a great time.

*CELEBRATIONS…We love making birthdays and anniversaries special. Let us hide a gift somewhere in your room for your loved one to find. Or if you’re planning a wedding proposal, let us hide the ring.  We will be as creative as you want us to be. Come by and see our rooms….Come celebrate with us.